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If you’d like to meet Dr Gajraj and learn more about how vein treatment could help you then please do come along to one of our events and meet Dr Gajraj in person. Please register with us today so that we can contact you as soon as we have dates and venues confirmed for forthcoming vein treatment events. Please contact Tina on 01935 873 951 or via the contact form on the website.

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Medical myths: Varicose veins are much more common in women

Medical myth or medical fact?

It is true that the majority of people who consult me for treatment of their varicose veins are women and nearly everyone who comes to one of my VeinCare Centres about their thread veins is female. And indeed, although it is widely believed that varicose veins and vein problems are rare in men a recent study from Edinburgh (see research links below) suggests that varicose veins may even be more common in men!

Although, as I said, the majority of my clients are female, when men do eventually come to see me about their veins they have often left it very late in the day and some of the most severe varicose veins I see in my clinic are on the legs of men.

However, this trend is changing thankfully, and now men are seeking help earlier – before complications arise. One of my most recent male clients, Nick Sargent, who is happy for me to share his story with you, has recently had his veins treated in my clinic and he is typical of the younger men that I see these days.

Nick’s Story

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Top tip from Dr Gajraj: don’t forget to look after your legs when flying

At this time of year, many of us will be taking a flight to a holiday destination.  Some of us will spend many hours in a cramped seat on the plane and at the end of the journey we may experience discomfort and swelling in our feet and ankles.  This familiar problem occurs because our calf muscles are not active and do not squeeze the blood out of the leg vein circulation back to the heart. Many of us are concerned about the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after airplane travel and this can be fuelled by stories of healthy young travellers suffering from a fatal blood clot that has developed in the legs and moved to the lungs (embolism).

Although varicose veins do not cause DVT many experts agree that they may be an additional risk factor when travelling.

Here are my tips for maintaining the health of your veins when flying:

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Dr Haroun Gajraj treats severe case of varicose veins with amazing results with little-used specialist technique

Lisa is a lovely lady from Weymouth who had suffered from recurrent varicose veins in her left leg since she was 18 years old but, as you can see, by allowing me to treat her leg she is benefitting from hugely successful results. Lisa has also been kind enough to let me share her story with you.

Lisa’s before and after pictures – just 5 weeks after treatment!










NHS-approved surgical procedures didn’t work

Before I met Lisa she’d already had two surgical procedures performed on the NHS called surgical stripping but they hadn’t worked. Varicose veins can be very difficult to treat if the reflux (blood flow) originates in the groin region as it did in Lisa’s case. The reason for this is that a further operation through scar tissue in the groin could have risked damaging the major deep veins and arteries in the groin.  In my view this is the reason Lisa was denied further treatment on the NHS.  The sort of recurrent varicose veins that Lisa had could not be easily treated by laser or VNUS Closure.

My Technique

During the first consultation with Lisa, it was immediately apparent to me that her vein condition could be greatly improved by a little-used technique of combining Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy with Phlebectomy. Both treatments are widely used in isolation but I believe I am one of the few experienced vein doctors in the UK who practise the technique of combining the treatments. And, as you can see, with remarkable success.

Lisa’s Story

I was only 18 years old when my first varicose vein developed and I had resigned myself to them being with me for the rest of my life, after already having stripping done on both legs years before. My second stripping hadn’t been successful however due to the previous surgery it was deemed too dangerous to perform the operation again.

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