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Sigvaris Stockings “Cured” My Veins!

Paula Quantock of Yeovil Somerset

A Surprised and Very Pleased Paula Quantock

Phlebitis is a common and unpleasant complication of varicose veins. Usually, the problem requires intervention, but occasionally if it is treated promptly with good and effective compression, the vein heals and disperses. Today I met Paula Quantock from Yeovil in Somerset and it seems that she is one of the few lucky people for whom this painful complication appears to have had a happy outcome.

Paula’s Story

“I first noticed the veins … Continue reading »

Foam Sclerotherapy Transformed My Legs!

A very happy Alan Hooper after vein treatment by Foam Sclerotherapy

This week I finished treating Alan Hooper from Street in Somerset. His varicose veins were causing varicose eczema and ulcers and he was concerned about knocking them. After a course of ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy, the results have been truly remarkable. The varicose veins are gone and the condition of his legs has improved considerably.  I was very gratified when Alan commented “It was quick and easy  and Foam Sclerotherapy has transformed … Continue reading »

Can I Get NHS Treatment For My Veins?

There is no doubt that getting NHS treatment for varicose veins is very difficult now. For a long time, access to vein treatment on the NHS has been restricted and the criteria for referral are now very strict indeed. Unless your varicose veins are causing complications such as bleeding, phlebitis, deep vein thrombosis or ulcers, it is unlikely that your GP will refer you to a specialist for advice or treatment. If you have thread veins, these are almost always regarded as cosmetic, even though … Continue reading »

VeinCare Open Events Prize Winner

Last month, the VeinCare Centre held a series of open events in Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire to promote the work that I do and the sorts of vein conditions my team and I can treat.

All those who attended received a complimentary pair of Sigvaris medical socks and they were entered into a free prize draw for varicose vein and thread vein treatment worth £2000. Well, I am delighted to announce that Penny Roccatagliata’s name was pulled out of the hat and it gave me great pleasure to present … Continue reading »

What are varicose veins and thread veins and what causes them?

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