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Resolved: the BUPA dispute with BMI is over.

Bupa has reinstated virtually all the hospitals run by BMI Healthcare to its provider network after reaching agreement in a major pricing dispute that began last autumn.

The UK’s biggest private medical insurer and biggest hospital group have reached a three-year agreement that will see the “vast majority” of BMI Healthcare’s hospitals confirmed on Bupa’s recognised hospital lists. Only three hospitals – BMI Gisburne Park Hospital, BMI The Lancaster Hospital and BMI The Castle Consulting Suite – remain out of the Bupa network.

The new agreement suggests that at least one side has … Continue reading »

Core Muscles

This week Coriander Firmager discusses the importance of our core muscles. These are important in every day activities and need to be “engaged” in order to exercise safely. So core muscles really do matter. Here’s what Cori has to say…

“Many of you may have been to a gym or an exercise class and heard the words ‘engage your core’ or ‘set your core’, and hopefully you were instructed on how to do this.  However there are common misconceptions about what core stabilisation is and how it may be improved.

In … Continue reading »

The Ugly Face of Cosmetic Surgery

Breast Implant

PIP Breast Augmentation Implant

The current scandal relating to PIP breast implants exposes an ugly side of cosmetic surgery as practised by some of the large cosmetic surgery groups in the UK. The details are still emerging but it appears that a few commercial organisations that made profits from implanting substandard breast implants (unknowingly) are now refusing to pay for the removal of these implants. Yesterday, a group of 60 women marched in protest in London. They began their protest at the headquarters of the Harley Medical … Continue reading »

Squeamish about Vein Treatment?

Recurrent Veins After Stripping

I meet a lot of people who request varicose veins treatment and removal in Somerset and Dorset who are very nervous. Some are frightened of  needles, some don’t like hospitals and some say they just want to be put out completely and not see anything. My team and I understand that having a vein treatment or removal is an important event and that people need to have the confidence of knowing that they are being treated by experts. At The VeinCare Centre, we treat … Continue reading »

How to Get Fit for 2012

New Year Shape Up

At this time of year many of us are thinking about getting into shape, the advent of the New Year providing a surge of motivation. People want to know how to lose weight and get a toned appearance as quickly as possible. Well, I have asked Coriander Firmager who is a qualified personal trainer to give all of us her expert advice. As many people are so pleased with how good their legs look and feel once I have treated their leg veins, I have asked Cori to start with some general tips and then to give … Continue reading »

Choose The VeinCare Centre

People come from long distances to see me about their varicose veins and to be treated by me and my team. Recently, Sarah travelled all the way from the Plymouth area to have treatment for her varicose veins. Many factors influence the decision about having vein removal treatment, so let me allow Sarah to tell you her story.

Sarah’s Story

“My sister and I believe we inherited our varicose veins from our mother, who in turn blamed her mother! My sister had her veins surgically addressed some 15 years ago … Continue reading »