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Not Just Legs – I treat hands, face and body veins

The majority of people whom I see from Dorset, Somerset and other parts of the southwest come to me because they are troubled by unsightly or uncomfortable leg veins. That isn’t surprising when you consider that approximately 40-60% of us either have or will develop thread veins or varicose veins on our legs. Increasingly, however, people are asking me for advice about treatment for prominent hand veins, thread veins on the face and body and I … Continue reading »

Too Old For Vein Treatment? Myths and Misconceptions

I am very against ageism and the wonderful thing about modern vein treatments under local anaesthetics is that they are much safer and older people are very eligible to take advantage of their benefits. Many people (and I include some referring GPs) believe that older people should not be concerned about the way their legs look and that they just have to put up with the way their legs feel. Well that is not the case and recently I treated a very fit and active lady in her 70’s who refused to put up with her severe varicose veins and … Continue reading »

American Venous Forum 2012

I have spent the last week at the American Venous Forum in Orlando. The AVF is one of the largest international meetings of vein specialists and I believe that it is important for me to attend such meetings so that I remain up to date and to ensure that I continue to offer the most modern, safe and effective treatment options for vein conditions.

As well as providing technical information about venous disease, complications of veins and how vein problems should be treated, the AVF also sheds light on what is happening around the world and offers glimpses into the … Continue reading »

Super Glue for Varicose Veins!

At the American Venous Forum meeting in Orlando today, I listened to an international group of vein specialists describe their results of using “super glue” for sealing faulty veins. The Sapheon Closure System uses a medical cyanoacrylate glue to treat refluxing veins. The glue is injected directly into the veins using a very fine catheter under ultrasound guidance. The number of people treated is small: 8 were followed afterwards for 1 year and 30 people were followed for 30 days. However, the results are impressive: 100% success and no need for local anaesthetic and no need for stockings afterwards.

We already … Continue reading »

How Are Those New Year Resolutions?

How many of us made it our aim to get fit in 2012? How many of us are still on target? Coriander Firmager has some advice about Motivation.

“February is here and many of the good intentions people started the year with will have faded into the distant past.  The reality is the first few weeks of maintaining an exercise program is a fragile time; life just seems to get in the way.  KEEP GOING!  A few adjustments and a few minutes revaluating the situation can get you right back on track.

Why … Continue reading »

Pregnancy and Veins: Myths and Misconceptions!

Myths and Misconceptions

This week I have seen 3 ladies, two from London and one from Bristol who had been advised by their GP to defer any treatment for their varicose veins until they have completed their family and had all their children. Fortunately, they questioned this advice and asked me for a second opinion. This advice is not in keeping with our modern understanding of what causes varicose veins. It is based on the incorrect belief that pregnancy causes … Continue reading »