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Varicose Veins and Thread Veins – 7 Things You Must Know

If you are affected by Varicose Veins and Thread Veins, there are 7 things you must know.

  1. Heredity is the most important factor that determines whether you are likely to develop varicose veins or thread veins. It’s not your fault, you probably inherited a weakness of your veins from your Mother or Father.
  2. Pregnancy doesn’t cause varicose veins or thread veins. These vein problems may appear for the first time during pregnancy, but pregnancy is not the cause, it merely aggravates an underlying weakness of the vein valves.
  3. Early treatment gives better results. There is no point putting off … Continue reading »

Cure for Varicose Eczema

Susan from Salisbury has been troubled by varicose veins for years.  They started causing problems during pregnancy and after the birth of each of her 3 children she developed painful periods of phlebitis. Over the years, the skin of her leg deteriorated and by the time I saw her in July last year, she already had varicose eczema in the lower part of her left leg (see the photograph below on the left). She had patches of red, itchy and uncomfortable inflammation on her shin and ankle. I performed a Duplex Ultrasound Scan which … Continue reading »

Thread Vein Removal

Dr Charlene Scicluna and Dr Johanna Ward are congratulated by Dr Haroun Gajraj

I have just returned to Dorset having spent the day in London training two doctors in the treatment of thread veins (known medically as telangiectasia). Dr Charlene Scicluna (middle) is a General Practitioner and Specialist Cosmetic Doctor from Malta and Dr Johanna Ward (right) is a General Practitioner and Cosmetic Specialist who has her own clinic in Kent, the … Continue reading »

Will I Get A Leg Ulcer Doctor?

A question that I am commonly asked is “Will I get a leg ulcer, doctor?” This is the most feared complication among people with varicose veins in my opinion. The good news is that serious medical complications such as bleeding, phlebitis and leg ulcers are actually not very common even among people with quite severe varicose veins.

Nevertheless, varicose veins are unsightly, they ache, throb and itch, particularly after prolonged standing and in hot weather. Untreated, they usually get worse and spread. Treatment at an early stage gives better cosmetic results, it relieves symptoms and it reduces the risks of complications.

Recently … Continue reading »