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Dr Gajraj Reaches Fifty

I am delighted that 50 people have a left review about me on the trusted independent website called I Want Great Care

Excellent Feedback

This website works closely with the General Medical Council and the Department of Health. It allows patients and colleagues to leave confidential feedback about doctors, dentists, hospitals, GP practices and nursing homes. It has been described as the “trip advisor of healthcare”.

I am very grateful to those who have left feedback on this website about the … Continue reading »

Safety and Efficacy of Foam Sclerotherapy

I am very grateful to Philip Coleridge Smith for his assessment of the safety and efficacy of Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy. Philip is a world expert on the treatment of varicose veins and he was one of the first specialists to use Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy in the UK. He has trained many of the UK’s vein specialists how to perform this technique (including myself, nearly 10 years ago).

Philip Coleridge Smith

Philip is Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Reader in Surgery, UCL Medical … Continue reading »

Great Year For Football

Paul Nicholson is a very keen sportsman and footballer. He had unsightly varicose veins that showed when he was wearing shorts and he was concerned about injuring the veins when tackled. He wanted his veins treated, but as he runs his own business, he couldn’t afford to take much time away from his work.The new non-surgery treatments such as Sclerotherapy and VNUS Closure (Radiofrequency Ablation) allow very rapid recovery and return to normal activities including work and sports.  For … Continue reading »

Leg Ulcer Prevention

In October 2010, I treated Louise (not her real name) for severe varicose eczema which was on the verge of breaking down into an ulcer. She had tried to get treatment on the NHS. She was offered Laser at one Somerset Hospital but she was cancelled twice, once on the day of the procedure. She managed to get referred to Bristol for VNUS Closure but once again her procedure was cancelled at short notice. Meanwhile, her leg was becoming more painful and swollen and when I met Louise, her varicose eczema was very … Continue reading »

Do I Have a DVT, Doctor?

Today in my Bristol Clinic I met George who developed a deep vein thrombosis after a long haul flight. I was shocked to hear that the diagnosis was delayed despite 2 telephone calls to NHS Direct and despite visiting his GP practice. With George’s permission, I’d like to share his story as I think there are some important lessons to be learnt.

During a long haul flight at night back home, George found it very difficult to get comfortable but eventually he rested his leg on the seat in front and then he fell … Continue reading »