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DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) may be a sign of Cancer

I recently saw a patient from Poole in Dorset who came to see me after a deep vein thrombosis wondering whether he needed any tests. Well he was in his 60s so I had some unpalatable news for him — as his deep vein thrombosis was unprovoked he should have tests to check that he does not have cancer.

DSC00233So what exactly do I mean by “unprovoked”? Well this is a deep vein thrombosis that comes apparently “out of the blue”. That means that in the preceding 3 months before the development … Continue reading »

Floppy Vein Valves and Vein Reflux – The Ultimate Cause of Varicose Veins


Recently I had a question from a patient who had had a duplex ultrasound scan elsewhere and she had been told that she had reflux and floppy valves and she wanted to know whether this was really the cause of her varicose veins and thread veins.

_20130515121804_1243110The function of veins is to carry blood upwards from the legs back to the heart and gravity is always trying to pull the blood downwards in the wrong direction. Now whenever anything travels in the wrong direction in the body we call it reflux. … Continue reading »

How Do I Find A Good Private Vein Clinic? A Guide For Varicose Vein Sufferers

Finding a good private vein clinic for treatment and removal of varicose veins and thread veins can be difficult. Here is a guide with criteria for choosing the best specialist vein doctor for your veins.

Recently I received a message via the website from lady who wanted to know what criteria she should look for when when choosing a Private vein clinic. Mouse icon on Find over person eye through magnifying glassWell, my first piece of advice is to check the clinic is registered with the Care … Continue reading »

VenaSeal Reaches the Isle of Wight

Michelle Tombleson is the first person on the Isle of Wight to benefit from a revolutionary new treatment for varicose veins which uses Medical Super Glue.

Michelle’s Story

Delighted Michelle from Isle of Wight

“My legs used to ache, throb and itch. After standing for only 10 minutes, it got so bad, I would have to look for a chair to sit down. I was particularly frustrated when watching my boys play football. My legs would be very painful … Continue reading »