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The Most Important Advance in Vein Treatment – Duplex Ultrasound


Ultrasound has really revolutionised the way that doctors treat varicose veins and related conditions. We do not use just an ordinary ultrasound machine — the machine that you might be familiar with diagnosing gallstones or looking at pregnant mothers and their babies — this is a special sort of ultrasound called duplex.

DSC00242Now what do I mean by “duplex”? Well the ultrasound builds up a picture of the structures the blood vessels the veins so that we can see it on the screen but then it also superimposes the flow of blood … Continue reading »

October Vein Open Events

in Dorchester, Yeovil, Poole and Bristol October 2013

The VeinCare Centre holds regular open events for the public. They are a marvelous opportunity to meet the experts and to learn about your vein condition and the latest treatment options.

Past VeinCare Open Events have been very well attended and feedback from those who have come has been extremely positive.

The events will consist of a presentation followed by demonstrations and “Question and Answers”.

Those who attend are eligible for special offers. The meeting lasts about an hour.

Places at these events are completely free and without obligation. Please call 0800 … Continue reading »

Can I Have a Discount on My Varicose Vein Removal?

Recently I saw a patient in the clinic who asked if I would offer her a discount if she in return would provide favourable feedback or a positive testimonial. 

Caucasian man holding spread of American bills 1Well the first thing to say is that the clinic and I do not offer discounts. We believe that the fees we charge are fair and offer very good value for money. They include the treatment itself all the follow-up and after-care any unscheduled appointments for any problems and if anything is not right we … Continue reading »