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Vein Olympics – The Winners are YOU.

The World Vein Congress (the International Union of Phlebologists) is held every four years. It has been likened to “Vein Olympics” and it is the largest gathering of vein specialists in the world. Earlier this week, it was Boston’s turn to host this event and I was privileged to have 2 papers and 2 videos accepted for presentation.

Haroun Gajraj

Dr Haroun Gajraj

My first paper was entitled  “Treatment of bilateral saphenous vein reflux and associated varicose veins in one session under local anaesthetic without sedation: 5 year experience with 12 … Continue reading »

Most Doctors Don’t Know This – Varicose Veins Are A Risk Factor For DVT


Well I finally think it’s official — varicose veins are a risk factor for deep vein thrombosis. This something your GP and most vascular specialists do not know.

DSC00018The first significant paper in the medical literature that we had on the subject came in 2000. It was a population based study from Minnesota and it was over a 15 year period and it identified that varicose veins were indeed a significant factor in the development of deep vein thrombosis — in that people with varicose veins had a higher incidence. Last year … Continue reading »