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Vein Treatment Testimonials

100 5-star Testimonials

I am proud to announce that I have received ONE HUNDRED FIVE STAR TESTIMONIALS from colleagues and patients for my work treating a range of vein problems. This independent website “I Want Great Care” has been likened to trip advisor for doctors, clinics and hospitals.

It provides a  mechanism for leaving feedback and comments on healthcare services both NHS and private and it helps drive up standards of care.

Testimonials are very important – they represent the experience of real … Continue reading »

Why Veins Come Back After Vein Surgery

I received a very interesting question via the website from a lady called Heather in Dorchester. She said that she had had her veins treated 20 years ago and that they had come back even worse than ever – why was this and could she have anything done about it?

veins recurring (coming back) after vein surgery

Recurrence After Vein Surgery

Well, about 30% of people I see now have already had vein treatment and their veins have recurred. And there are 3 main reasons why this happens Heather.

The first … Continue reading »