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Latest on Deep Vein Blood Flow

Mr Christopher Lattimer

Mr Christopher Lattimer

This week, I am very grateful to Mr Christopher Lattimer for writing about his reflections on the first day of the Spring Meeting of the Venous Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine. This meeting is the largest conference in the United Kingdom dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of vein conditions. Chris completed his specialist vascular training at St Thomas’ Hospital and King’s College London. He is an expert in vein disease and has carried out important research on venous haemodynamics (how … Continue reading »

What are the best treatment options and when should I have my veins treated?

What are the treatment options  for varicose veins and when should I have my veins treated? This must be one of the most frequent questions we get asked at the VeinCare Centre.

In general, early interventions for varicose veins give the best results. Treatment is indicated for symptoms such as aching, swelling, throbbing and pain. Treatment is also indicated for visible bulging veins and thread veins which indicate the presence of superficial venous reflux. Treatment is also appropriate for complications such as phlebitis, varicose eczema, leg ulcers and deep vein thrombosis.

Treatment options such as endo-thermal ablation by laser (endo-venous laser EVLT), radiofrequency … Continue reading »

Varicose Eczema – 7 Essential Facts You Must Know

Varicose eczema is a serious and common condition and I am going to tell you seven essential facts about it that you should know.

7 Essential Facts

7 Essential Facts

  1.  “Varicose eczema” is in fact a misnomer and it is very misleading. This condition is neither an eczema – a skin problem- nor is it caused by varicose veins. The term arose before we fully understood the true nature of the problem. So varicose eczema can develop in the absence of visible varicose veins and unlike skin problems … Continue reading »

Video Of My Vein Treatment

endo-venous laser

Endo-venous Laser in Progress

Last month I swapped my surgical gloves for the treatment couch. It was time to have my own veins treated. In this blog, I share the video of that treatment: why I had them treated, what option I chose and how the treatment was actually done. 

I’ve had superficial vein reflux in both legs for over 12 years, or at least that’s how long I know I’ve had this condition. For all I know, I might have had it much longer. I became … Continue reading »