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Consent to Varicose Vein Treatment Videos

All patients who appear in our videos have given specific consent to allow me to film their procedure. Some are happy to allow us to reveal their identity and show their faces, others prefer to remain anonymous. I am very mindful of patients’ privacy and dignity and I very grateful that they allow me to share a video of their experience. 

Consent to video filming of varicose vein treatment

Consent to Fillming

For interested members of the public, watching these videos can give them the confidence to go ahead with treatment … Continue reading »

Laser Positioning Inside the Varicose Vein – Ultrasound Guidance

Many of my patients are interested to know how I am able to insert the laser into the unhealthy veins through small pin-holes.  Well in this video blog I will show you.

laser in varicose veins

Laser insertion into the varicose veins

The use of ultrasound is an essential part of all modern vein treatments. The use of ultrasound allows the vein specialist to “see inside the leg” to accurately identify unhealthy veins which may have faulty valves and a condition called superficial venous reflux. With ultrasound, very fine laser fibers … Continue reading »

Is Standing Bad For Leg Veins?


A lot of people ask me “Does Standing Cause Varicose Veins?” Their job might involve a lot of standing and they are concerned that by standing for prolonged periods of time, they are either causing or aggravating their varicose veins.

Is standing bad for leg veins?

Standing and Veins

Well I prefer  to do a lot of my procedures for veins standing. I used to sit but I now I prefer standing. I think it is better for posture and it’s better for your general health than prolonged periods of sitting. … Continue reading »

Venous Access Under Ultrasound Guidance – The Seldinger Technique

Nowadays, varicose vein treatments are carried out under local anaesthetic through a pin-hole puncture as walk in walk out procedures. The treatments are guided by ultrasound throughout and modern varicose vein treatments are very accurate, with excellent cosmetic results and rapid recovery. An essential skill that modern vein specialists have is the ability to insert fine catheters and laser fibers into unhealthy veins. 

Vein Access Under Ultrasound

Vein Access Under Ultrasound

In this video blog, I demonstrate how I achieve venous access under under ultrasound guidance. The video below gives a … Continue reading »

Varicose Vein Treatment Room – A Peep Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what it is like inside a modern varicose vein treatment room? In this video blog I’ll show you around my vein treatment room and explain how I have designed it so that varicose veins can be treated by laser under local anaesthetic as a walk in walk out procedure.

Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose Vein Treatment Room

The days of admission to hospital, surgery under general anaesthesia in a hospital operating theatre and overnight stays on hospital wards are over. The varicose vein treatment room that I use … Continue reading »