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Your Safety During Laser Vein Treatment

Safety is always one of our top priorities at the VeinCare Centre. Yes, my team and I offer the latest, modern treatments for varicose veins, threads veins and the complications of veins but doing so in a safe environment with strict operating procedures is very important to all of us. We all have regular training in infection control, resuscitation, medicines management and confidentiality to mention just a few. Endo-Lasers in Varicose Veinsvenous laser treatment is now recognised as the first choice for treating varicose veins.

Laser safety training is something we take … Continue reading »

Ice Bucket Water Challenge

Well it finally happened! Through social media, I was challenged last week to do the ice bucket challenge. I was nominated by a friend who had already poured cold water over herself to raise awareness of the disease ALS and to raise funds for research. Previously, she had Ice Bucket Challengebeen nominated on social media by someone else  who had already done the same. The ice bucket challenge is thought to have originated in the US and it went viral on social media in July and August this year. So it … Continue reading »

Local Anaesthetic for Varicose Veins – How I do It

Tumescent local anaesthetic administration is an essential intervention to treat varicose veins by endo-venous laser. The anesthetic is applied under ultrasound guidance and varicose veins and refluxing saphenous veins can be removed without admission to hospital, without general anaesthetic and on a walk in, walk out basis.

Varicose Vein Removal under Local

Local Anaesthetic Varicose Vein Removal

In the video that follows,  I show you how I do this step by step. We start with the laser fibre in the correct position and in this live demonstration, I administer tumescent local … Continue reading »