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Do Veins Always Come Back? Here is the Number One Reason

Varicose Vein Surgery used to have a bad reputation. How many times have you heard “don’t bother having your veins treated, they will only come back”? Well this bad press was justified, because varicose vein stripping is associated with a high recurrence rate. Here’s why and here’s what you can do about it.
When veins are

Varicose Veins

Number 1 Cause of Recurrence

surgically tied, cut and stripped, there are raw living vein ends. These ends naturally want to regrow and re-join. This is normal and part of the healing process … Continue reading »

Avoid Doing This On The Day Of Your Vein Treatment

Modern varicose vein removal is performed under local anaesthesia as a walk in walk treatment.

Don’t Make ThisThere are very few do’s and don’ts either before or after as the recovery is so rapid. However, here is the single most important thing we ask you not to do before you come to our clinic for treatment.

Before you have your veins treated, I will consult with you, explain what is going to happen during the treatment and answer any outstanding questions you may have. I will ask you to confirm your … Continue reading »

Ten Things I Do To Be Healthy

I was put on statins in 2005 to reduce my sky-high cholesterol even though I had no history of heart disease. Gradually I became convinced that I was taking the pills unnecessarily so I came off the drugs and changed my diet and lifestyle. My heart disease risk is now lower than when I’d been on the statins and I feel that I no longer need to take them. Here are the 10 things I do since stopping my statins.

DSC002331- … Continue reading »