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Take care of your legs when travelling this Christmas

Are you planning to get away this Christmas or New Year? Perhaps you are going to escape the cold and get some sunshine or may be you will be visiting family “down under”. If you are travelling for more than 4 hours, then take care of your legs veins.

Travel DVT

Long Haul Flights Can Cause DVT

  • For the majority of us, a travel-related DVT is very unlikely, but it can be devastating. So, the following simple advice should keep you safe.
  • Wear good quality medical grade compression stockings. If you suffer from … Continue reading »

My Christmas Present – Leg Ulcer Cured

Today I met Joan for her final check up after her laser treatment and she is delighted. “This was my best Christmas present”

I first met Joan in my Bristol clinic in the summer. She had developed varicose veins when she was quite young and she had always been concerned. Here’s her story.

Leg Ulcer cure

Joan’s leg ulcer was healed in time for Christmas

“My mother had been troubled by leg ulcers for years and I didn’t want to end up with ulcerated legs. I saw my GP as a young … Continue reading »

A Team Approach to Varicose Veins is Essential

A Team Approach to Leg Vein Problems

Team to Treat Varicose Veins

Our Team

It is no longer acceptable for doctors to work on their own to treat leg vein problems. The days of an NHS Consultant doing a bit of private varicose vein surgery on the side are over. Let me explain.

To get the best results for conditions such as varicose veins, varicose eczema, phlebitis and leg ulcers, it is essential that a team is involved to ensure that the problem is accurately diagnosed with duplex ultrasound, that all the modern … Continue reading »

Don’t Ignore this Serious Condition

Phlebitis is an inflammation of the veins. It is associated with clot or thrombus in the vein. It usually affects the superficial veins – varicose veins – but the clot may extend into the deep veins causing a Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT.

Phlebitis is potentially dangerous

Dangerous Vein Condition

Hidden Danger of Phlebitis – Yesterday, I saw a patient with painful varicose veins in his thigh. He had been dismissed by his GP as simply having phlebitis, a non-serious condition which would get better by itself. After calling my office for a … Continue reading »