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Spider Veins on The Face – Simple, Effective and Inexpensive Treatment

Spider Veins on the Face are very unsightly and embarrassing. Fortunately, there is a simple, effective and inexpensive remedy.

The medical term for spider veins on the nose and cheeks is facial telangiectasia. These are small blood vessels in the skin typically measuring less than 1 mm. They are very common and they are unsightly and disfiguring. They can be congenital, that is you may have been born with them or they may have developed over the course of many years. Sun exposure is the main aggravating factor for their appearance, but other important causes are liver disease, rosacea, smoking, use … Continue reading »

Complications of Leg Veins

Leg Varicose veins and superficial vein reflux can cause complications such as phlebitis, bleeding, varicose eczema, leg ulcers and deep vein thrombosis.

Complications of Leg Veins

Complications of Leg Veins

Fortunately, the majority of people with varicose veins do not come to serious harm. However, they can ache, itch and cause ankle swelling and these symptoms can be distressing and aggravated by warm weather or after standing for long periods. It is generally acknowledged now that even thread veins cause symptoms in cases where they are caused by reflux. It … Continue reading »

New for 2015 – The Latest Information Pack

Our latest Free Information Pack all about Varicose Veins, Varicose Eczema, Phlebitis, Leg Ulceration, Hand Veins, Arm Veins and Spider Veins has just been published. If you are interested in vein treatments, let me tell what’s new. You can get your Free Copy Here

In it you will find details of our team members, what treatments we offer together with information about thread veins, varicose veins, varicose eczema and phlebitis. We have had to up date our information pack to take account of the latest developments in endovenous laser, radiofrequency, foam sclerotherapy and superglue. … Continue reading »

Our 2015 VeinCare Team – Happy New Year

I have over 25 years’ experience of treating people with vein problems and I have spent 12 years developing a professional medical team devoted exclusively to the treatment of varicose veins, thread veins and the complications of leg vein problems.

To get the best results for conditions such as varicose veins, varicose eczema, phlebitis and leg ulcers, it is essential that a team is involved to ensure that the problem is accurately diagnosed with duplex ultrasound scan, that all the modern treatment options are available such as endo-venous laser, ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy amongst others and that the correct after … Continue reading »