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Massive Discounts on Compression Hosiery from Daylong

If you are like me, you wear compression hosiery to support your leg veins. Good quality medical socks are anti-DVT, ease symptoms of ache and discomfort and they may reduce the risks of deterioration and complications.

Daylong is the UK’s biggest distributor of medical stockings and to celebrate their 60th Birthday, they are offering 20% off their entire range.

The promotion starts at 12:00 noon on 2nd September 2015 and ends 12:00 noon on 18th September. All products will be automatically discounted on their website : www.daylong.co.uk or give them a call on 0115 850 8850

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Well Informed Patients Will Receive the Best Care

Guest Blog by James Lawson,Vascular surgeon

When Dr Gajraj invited me to write a post in his blog, I asked him “who are your audience, patients or colleagues.?” His answer was short: “Patients of course!” When you take a thorough look at his website you know that he is a real patient “ teacher”. With his personal way of writing and multimedia content he wants his patients to understand the possible outcomes and advantages of treating varicose veins properly. Most doctors and surgeons do not make as much effort as he does to communicate with the public and I think they … Continue reading »

An Unbelievable Case of Varicose Eczema

Today I met a patient who told me something I find almost unbelievable.

A lady from Southampton had been suffering from varicose veins from an early age and in fact, she had already had her veins stripped many years before I first met her. The veins recurred and gradually her legs deteriorated with discolouration, thickening and itch. Over the years, she saw her family doctor who correctly diagnosed varicose eczema but she was told that nothing could be done. I met her for a consultation 6 months ago, confirmed she had varicose eczema and performed a duplex ultrasound scan which also … Continue reading »

Varicose Vein Treatment in Hospital – Really?

A man I saw recently was told that he needed his veins treated in hospital because although he could have endovenous laser treatment he would need a general anaesthetic. He came to see me for a second opinion. The advice he had been given was in my opinion was complete nonsense. Here’s why and here’s what we were able to do for him at the Veincare centre.

Varicose Veins

Severe Varicose Veins

As you can see from this clinical photograph, Steve had very bad varicose veins and his duplex … Continue reading »