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Varicose Veins Are Not Simply Cosmetic

Varicose Eczema Varicose Veins

Varicose Eczema and Atrophie Blanche

Varicose Veins are  not simply a cosmetic problem. If left untreated, a significant number of people will suffer phlebitis, varicose eczema and leg ulceration. 

Nearly 10 years ago, a study from the USA by respected phlebologist Nick Labropoulos investigated 116 legs in 190 patients who were waiting for varicose vein surgery. These patients had a second duplex ultrasound scan between 1 and 43 months after the initial examination with a median of 19 months. In this period of time, 11.2% had progression … Continue reading »

Latest Advice on Compression Stockings After Vein Treatment

Evidence published in June in the prestigious medical journal The British Journal of Surgery confirms our own research that at present there is very little evidence to be dogmatic about compression following vein treatment. This has important implications for you.

Medical Socks Vein Treatment

Medical Stockings

The team of UK academics reviewed seven randomised controlled trials comparing different durations and methods of compression after surgery (now regarded as obsolete my many), foam sclerotherapy, and endovenous laser ablation. Their conclusion was that there is currently very little … Continue reading »