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Driving After Leg Vein Treatments

People rely on their cars more and more and a question I frequently get asked is “when can I drive after my vein treatment?”. Well it to some extent it depends on the treatment that you are having.

So for example if you are having the VenaSeal® procedure (that’s where we use a medical superglue inside the vein) or the Clarivein® procedure you can drive yourself straightaway. That means you can drive to the clinic and home or back to work even after your treatment. That’s because we use very little local anaesthetic in fact usually just … Continue reading »

I Think I Have A DVT. What Should I do?

So, you have a swollen or tender calf. You have just got off a plane or come out of hospital and you are worried that you may have a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). What should you do? Well read on and find out.

Early diagnosis and prompt treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis is very important. Clots in the deep veins of the legs can travel to the lungs causing pulmonary embolism and death. In fact pulmonary embolism is second only to heart attack as a cause of sudden death. The media seems to regularly report the unexpected death of … Continue reading »