Best Place to Work

The VeinCare Centre at the Melbury Clinic is a proud finalist in the Blackmore Vale Business Awards 2018. 

We have reached the finals in

Best Place to Work

Blackmore Vale Business Awards






Our team say that the Melbury Clinic at Holt Mill is a fabulous place to work, developing staff confidence and providing training and career development opportunities. The Melbury Clinic VeinCare Centre is a finalist for the Blackmore Vale Business Awards’ category “Best Place to Work.”

This is what Laura Spicer had to say: “I have never woken up and dreaded going to work – I have never felt so appreciated and listened to at a place of work. In September, I begin my midwifery degree which I would never have had the confidence to apply for and gain a place on without the support of my employer”.

The VeinCare Team know you will do well Laura and we wish you all the best for September.

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