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Ten Things I Do To Be Healthy

I was put on statins in 2005 to reduce my sky-high cholesterol even though I had no history of heart disease. Gradually I became convinced that I was taking the pills unnecessarily so I came off the drugs and changed my diet and lifestyle. My heart disease risk is now lower than when I’d been on the statins and I feel that I no longer need to take them. Here are the 10 things I do since stopping my statins.

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VenaSeal™ In The News

Sheila In Yesterday's Daily Express

Yesterday, one of my patients was featured in the Daily Express.  After having the Venaseal™ Closure System for the varicose veins in both her legs, Sheila Sibley from Yeovil can’t believe how good her legs feel. After years of restless, twitchy legs at night, Sheila hasn’t any problems since the varicose veins were treated. “Its early days” said Sheila, “but by now I am sure I would have had the … Continue reading »