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NHS Rationing of Varicose Vein Treatment

Last month I treated a lady whose varicose veins had deteriorated over the years to the point where her leg ulcerated. Why couldn’t she get NHS treatment?

Is NHS Rationing Fair?

Is NHS Rationing Fair?

Most of us understand that the NHS is short of money and that not all treatments can be offered. No one for example would suggest that the NHS should remove tattoos or offer liposuction unless there are exceptional circumstances. So why is it that most people can’t get NHS treatment for their veins? Well it is … Continue reading »

Private Vein Treatment – Will My GP Refer Me?

Traditionally, GPs have been happy to refer their patients for private varicose treatment. This doesn’t seem to be the case now. Why?

Do NHS GPs refer Privately?

Do NHS GPs refer Privately?

I think the main reason is that GPs now no longer refer patients with vein problems to the local NHS hospital. So, they no longer know who is their local expert in looking after vein problems. GPs are very busy and my impression is that they simply do not have time to keep up to date with … Continue reading »

DVT After A Stroke – New Treatment

Last month at the Venous Forum in London, Professor Martin Dennis presented the results of research showing that 1 in 5 people who have a stroke also develop a Deep Vein Thrombosis and that 1 in 10 stroke victims will have a pulmonary embolism (a clot which travels to the lungs). The study called CLOTS 3 also confirms that many of these DVTs can be prevented (up to a third).

IPC device

IPC Device

As a result of this research, hospitals across England are preparing to receive … Continue reading »

NICE On Varicose Veins – Has it made a difference?

NICE Guidance 2013

NICE Guidance 2013

One in three people in the United Kingdom have varicose veins. Although many people have no symptoms, varicose veins do cause heaviness, throbbing, itching, cramps, restless legs, or tired legs. Varicose veins usually worsen over time and some people will go on to develop leg ulcers, which can be very difficult to heal and which significantly affect quality of life. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has recently made important recommendations, but will NICE really make a difference?

The new NICE guidance … Continue reading »

“Varicose Vein Operation Cost Me My Leg”

Lorraine Brewin is now starting to rebuild her life after United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust admitted ‘failures in her care’ following a routine operation to remove varicose veins from her left leg in January 2009 caused complications leading an  amputation.

Grantham Hospital where Lorraine Brewin had her varicose veins operations

Grantham Hospital

The story is reported in the Sun Newspaper today and further details are given on  Grantham News Website. The 46-year-old said: “The last three years have been the … Continue reading »

Foam and the NHS – potential for huge savings

Huge Savings Possible

Foam sclerotherapy could save the NHS £millions. That is the conclusion of a large clinical study carried out in the Netherlands. The findings are reported in the August2012  issue of the British Journal of Surgery. Two hundred and thirty patients were treated by ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy and  compared with 200 patients who had had their veins treated by surgical stripping. Two years after treatment the improvement in both groups was similar. However, replacing surgery by ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy … Continue reading »

DVT Causes Another Death

I was very upset this week to hear of another death caused by deep vein thrombosis (DVT).  Alison Taylor who was only 29 years old was referred to her local hospital in Leicester with a suspected DVT following the birth of her daughter. She was admitted with a swollen leg, but she couldn’t have an ultrasound scan because these scans were not available on the maternity ward at weekends. Had she been seen in the casualty department, she probably would have had a scan straight away.  Sadly, she … Continue reading »

NHS Not Providing Adequate Training

Vein Specialists in Training

NHS Not Training Vein Specialists

Varicose Vein Treatment is being rationed by the NHS and many people are finding it very difficult to get their veins assessed and treated.

Between 1998 and 2008, the number of patients with varicose veins treated in the NHS fell by over a third!

One of the consequences of this is that doctors in the NHS are not being adequately trained on how to look after people with thread veins, varicose veins and vein complications such as deep vein … Continue reading »

Foam Sclerotherapy Transformed My Legs!

A very happy Alan Hooper after vein treatment by Foam Sclerotherapy

This week I finished treating Alan Hooper from Street in Somerset. His varicose veins were causing varicose eczema and ulcers and he was concerned about knocking them. After a course of ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy, the results have been truly remarkable. The varicose veins are gone and the condition of his legs has improved considerably.  I was very gratified when Alan commented “It was quick and easy  and Foam Sclerotherapy has transformed … Continue reading »

Can I Get NHS Treatment For My Veins?

There is no doubt that getting NHS treatment for varicose veins is very difficult now. For a long time, access to vein treatment on the NHS has been restricted and the criteria for referral are now very strict indeed. Unless your varicose veins are causing complications such as bleeding, phlebitis, deep vein thrombosis or ulcers, it is unlikely that your GP will refer you to a specialist for advice or treatment. If you have thread veins, these are almost always regarded as cosmetic, even though … Continue reading »