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Sclerotherapy and How It Works

One of the commonest questions I get asked both by doctors and nurse colleagues is what is sclerotherapy and how exactly does it work? Sclerotherapy is the injection of a prescription medicine directly into to a vein and this results in the permanent closure.

So it achieves the same as a surgical removal and the chemical injected into the vein is called a sclerosant. Sclerotherapy is really very versatile. It is the only single modality treatment that can be used for nearly any vein in the superficial venous system of the leg. Sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for thread veins … Continue reading »

Foam Sclerotherapy and Stroke – The Facts

Recently, a patient whom I had already treated successfully with a combination of Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy and Phlebectomy told me something that really surprised me.

“My Mother saw a vascular surgeon and she was told that Foam Sclerotherapy is not safe, because it causes stroke, and he recommended that she has surgical stripping of her veins under general anaesthetic.”

Of course, I disagree with this opinion and here are the facts.

The Facts About Foam Sclerotherapy

  1. In a clinical audit in the United Kingdom of 7,027 patients who had undergone 11,537 foam sclerotherapy … Continue reading »