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Free Leg Veins Scans in Bristol, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire

The VeinCare Centre was established in 2002 and next month, we will be celebrating our 10th birthday! To mark this important anniversary, we are extending our offer of FREE LEG VEIN ULTRASOUND SCANS to people in Salisbury, Poole, Taunton, Bristol, Yeovil and Dorchester. In addition, we have a series of open events on Saturday, 22 September and Sunday, 23 September.

A lot has happened in the last 10 years

Haroun Gajraj, FRCS

Haroun Gajraj FRCS

“In 2002, I … Continue reading »

Squeamish about Vein Treatment?

Recurrent Veins After Stripping

I meet a lot of people who request varicose veins treatment and removal in Somerset and Dorset who are very nervous. Some are frightened of  needles, some don’t like hospitals and some say they just want to be put out completely and not see anything. My team and I understand that having a vein treatment or removal is an important event and that people need to have the confidence of knowing that they are being treated by experts. At The VeinCare Centre, we treat … Continue reading »