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Hand Veins – Can You Get Varicose Veins On The Hands And Arms?

Last week, The VeinCare Centre had a call from a lady in Bristol who was concerned about varicose veins on her hands. She wanted to know what caused them and what could be done. 

Hand Veins

Hand Veins

True varicose veins on the hands are very rare. They may be caused by a DVT of the arm or by other rare medical conditions but usually the people I see who have prominent hand veins have developed them simply as a result of getting older. You see, as we age, the backs … Continue reading »

My Horrible Hand Veins

Jackie lives in Bristol and she has been troubled by large veins on her hands for many years. They have been getting more pronounced and they were causing her considerable embarrassment. I treated her by a combination of Sclerotherapy and Collagen Stimulation and I reviewed the remarkable improvement earlier this week.

Jackie’s Story

“I have always hated my hands – the veins look so ugly and my hands look like those of an “old lady”. I was so self conscious

Ugly Hand Veins Before Treatment

that I … Continue reading »

Not Just Legs – I treat hands, face and body veins

The majority of people whom I see from Dorset, Somerset and other parts of the southwest come to me because they are troubled by unsightly or uncomfortable leg veins. That isn’t surprising when you consider that approximately 40-60% of us either have or will develop thread veins or varicose veins on our legs. Increasingly, however, people are asking me for advice about treatment for prominent hand veins, thread veins on the face and body and I … Continue reading »

New Hands for Christmas

Hand Veins Before

Enlarged Prominent Hand Veins Before Treatment

Today I met Rebbecca just a few weeks after I started treating her hand veins. Rebecca is a lovely lady who in nearly every respect looks younger than her age, except for her hands. When we first met, her hands were boney and she had large veins that made her hands look much older than the rest of her.  Now, the improvement has been dramatic and her hands look 20 years younger. I treated Rebbecca with a … Continue reading »