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Quality Standards in Varicose Vein Treatment: NICE QS67

NICE – the national institute for Health and Care Excellence – published Quality Standard NICE QS67 for varicose veins in the legs in August 2014, nearly 3 years ago. NICE recognises that varicose veins are very common, affecting at least 1 in 3 people and that up to 6% of those affected will develop leg ulcers. NICE published its Quality Standard QS67 to improve the quality of life of people with varicose veins, to prevent progression of varicose veins to varicose eczema, phlebitis and leg ulcers and to reduce the risks of varicose vein recurrence after treatment…. Continue reading »

NICE On Varicose Veins – Has it made a difference?

NICE Guidance 2013

NICE Guidance 2013

One in three people in the United Kingdom have varicose veins. Although many people have no symptoms, varicose veins do cause heaviness, throbbing, itching, cramps, restless legs, or tired legs. Varicose veins usually worsen over time and some people will go on to develop leg ulcers, which can be very difficult to heal and which significantly affect quality of life. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has recently made important recommendations, but will NICE really make a difference?

The new NICE guidance … Continue reading »

Foam and the NHS – potential for huge savings

Huge Savings Possible

Foam sclerotherapy could save the NHS £millions. That is the conclusion of a large clinical study carried out in the Netherlands. The findings are reported in the August2012  issue of the British Journal of Surgery. Two hundred and thirty patients were treated by ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy and  compared with 200 patients who had had their veins treated by surgical stripping. Two years after treatment the improvement in both groups was similar. However, replacing surgery by ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy … Continue reading »