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How a Comprehensive Understanding of Your Ultrasound System Will Streamline Your Phlebology Practice

Ultrasound is the eyes of vascular practitioners, facilitating success in every Phlebology practice worldwide. For a vascular technologist, a comprehensive understanding of the ultrasound system will add tremendous value via image optimisation, which allows for complete diagnostic confidence in the ultrasound findings, acquisition of appropriate candidates for intervention, and development of an effective treatment plan.

It is crucial to consider each component of the ultrasound system in order to achieve each of these goals and, ultimately, streamline the Phlebology practice.

A comprehensive understanding of the … Continue reading »

American Venous Forum 2012

I have spent the last week at the American Venous Forum in Orlando. The AVF is one of the largest international meetings of vein specialists and I believe that it is important for me to attend such meetings so that I remain up to date and to ensure that I continue to offer the most modern, safe and effective treatment options for vein conditions.

As well as providing technical information about venous disease, complications of veins and how vein problems should be treated, the AVF also sheds light on what is happening around the world and offers glimpses into the … Continue reading »