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The Best Treatment for Varicose Veins

Its official and experts agree: endothermal ablation is the best treatment for varicose veins, varicose eczema and leg ulceration.

In the video below, Catharine McGuinness, a vascular specialist at the VeinCare Centre demonstrates the treatment.¬†Over 50% of us will be affected by a vein condition such as varicose veins, varicose eczema or leg ulceration. In most cases, they are caused by a fault in the one-way valves of the superficial veins that lie just under the skin which causes down flow of blood in the wrong direction, a condition called superficial venous reflux. The most commonly affected vein is the Great … Continue reading »

Not Just Legs – I treat hands, face and body veins

The majority of people whom I see from Dorset, Somerset and other parts of the southwest come to me because they are troubled by unsightly or uncomfortable leg veins. That isn’t surprising when you consider that approximately 40-60% of us either have or will¬†develop thread veins or varicose veins on our legs. Increasingly, however, people are asking me for advice about treatment for prominent hand veins, thread veins on the face and body and I … Continue reading »