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Varicose Vein Treatments Should Be Bespoke

This week, I am very grateful to Simon Payne who describes how varicose vein treatment should be tailored to an individual’s unique requirements.

“You may be baffled searching the internet for the best treatment for your varicose veins.

You will have discovered  injection treatments, standard surgery (stripping), laser, VNUS, Clarivein, Steam, Radiofrequency ablation, Foam sclerotherapy, Venaseal (“super-glue”), cryotherapy and maybe others!

Some treatments can be performed under local anaesthetic, most involve the use of compression hosiery. Return to normal activities varies between techniques and the cost of the different techniques varies enormously between procedures and also between clinics – the highest prices being … Continue reading »

Leg Ulcer Prevention

In October 2010, I treated Louise (not her real name) for severe varicose eczema which was on the verge of breaking down into an ulcer. She had tried to get treatment on the NHS. She was offered Laser at one Somerset Hospital but she was cancelled twice, once on the day of the procedure. She managed to get referred to Bristol for VNUS Closure but once again her procedure was cancelled at short notice. Meanwhile, her leg was becoming more painful and swollen and when I met Louise, her varicose eczema was very … Continue reading »

Super Glue First For The VeinCare Centre – Venaseal™

Yesterday, Mr Robin Windhaber and Dr Haroun Gajraj undertook pioneering varicose vein treatment using the Venaseal™Closure procedure. They were joined by Ian Dunn, international clinical manager at Sapheon, and by Dr Rod Raabe, the founder of the Sapheon Company and inventor of the Venaseal™ Closure system.

As Dr Haroun Gajraj explains, “Robin and I treated two people yesterday and both had very challenging vein problems. The first lady had reflux in all the major saphenous veins in both legs. That means she needed the great and small saphenous veins in both legs dealt with. This is … Continue reading »

She Should Have Seen Me Much Sooner

Venous Reflux causing Varicose Eczema

Varicose Eczema

This Varicose Eczema has  been left too late to cure completely

Today a lady from Dorset came to see me about her varicose veins that were causing varicose eczema. She first went to see her GP in Somerset 3 years ago when the eczema started to appear. Unfortunately, the condition was not recognised and no action was taken. When she moved house and registered with a new GP in Dorset, he immediately identified the skin condition as varicose eczema and referred her … Continue reading »

Healthy Legs are Sexy!

Healthy Legs are Sexy

Healthy Legs are Sexy

Some people are a little too embarrassed to seek treatment for their vein condition in order to improve the appearance of their legs.

I think they are being very hard on themselves. As we now know, varicose veins and thread veins are never just cosmetic, because, they are caused by venous reflux and faulty valves and, therefore, the underlying issue is a medical condition. Varicose veins and thread veins tend to get worse … Continue reading »

Foam Sclerotherapy Transformed My Legs!

A very happy Alan Hooper after vein treatment by Foam Sclerotherapy

This week I finished treating Alan Hooper from Street in Somerset. His varicose veins were causing varicose eczema and ulcers and he was concerned about knocking them. After a course of ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy, the results have been truly remarkable. The varicose veins are gone and the condition of his legs has improved considerably.  I was very gratified when Alan commented “It was quick and easy  and Foam Sclerotherapy has transformed … Continue reading »