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Broken Vein on Cheeks, Nose and Face

Last week in my previous blog, I talked about leg spider veins, well, this week, I am going to tell you some important facts about thread veins on the nose, cheeks and face.

The medical term for spider veins on the nose and cheeks is facial telangiectasia.

Facial Thread Veins

Facial Thread Veins

These are small blood vessels in the skin typically measuring less than 1 mm. They are very common and they are unsightly and disfiguring. They can be congenital, that is you may have been born with them or they … Continue reading »

Facial Thread Veins

Face Thread Veins

Facial Thread Veins Treated

Facial Thread Veins can be very distressing but there are ways of dealing with them. 

Yesterday I met Frances Furlong on my training course in London and we chatted about the various methods of getting rid of these unwelcome veins. Frances is a very experienced and award-winning aesthetic nurse consultant and independent nurse prescriber who has busy clinics in London, Essex and Suffolk. She knows only too well the distress that thread veins on the face can cause.

Although … Continue reading »