Hand & arm veins

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Programme

Our hands are always on show. Disguising the signs of ageing on the hands is much more difficult than applying make-up to the face. Many people look after their face with sunscreen and moisturisers, but they sometimes neglect their hands until it is too late. That is why the hands are often the best indicator of one’s age.

The signs of ageing hands that we can reverse are:

  • Prominent Veins
  • Bony Appearance
  • Age Spots
  • Wrinkly Skin

The VeinCare Centre specialises in the treatment of hand veins and arm veins at clinics in Dorset and Hampshire. All of our vein treatments are performed by Dr Haroun Gajraj and his team under local anaesthetic as a walk-in, walk-out procedure.

Dr Gajraj offers a programme of hand vein treatment that addresses the main signs of ageing: - Gentle Sclerotherapy to shrink the veins to a more youthful size - Collagen Stimulator Injections to reverse the bony appearance and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles - Cryotherapy to remove age spots The programme is tailor-made and patient-centred. The programme is continued at intervals until the desired outcome is achieved. After successful hand rejuvenation, the results are long-lasting and durable. A low-cost maintenance programme is available to ensure that your hands remain youthful.

The VeinCare Centre is one of the few specialist vein clinics in the UK that treats hand veins and arm veins. As far as we are aware, the Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Programme is unique anywhere in the world and the results shown above speak for themselves.

What’s Included: The Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Programme is fully inclusive of all treatments and re-treatments, however many are required to reach the final outcome. Any issues identified within 12 months of the start of the programme will be addressed at no additional fee.

We offer a low-cost annual maintenance programme which  includes annual sclerotherapy, collagen stimulator injections and age spot removal.

If you need more information, you can view our free information pack by clicking here.

Price Match

If you can find a clinic offering The Hand Rejuvenation Programme consisting of collagen stimulator injections, gentle sclerotherapy and cryotherapy (unlimited treatments over 12 months) for less than £2495 anywhere in the world at the time of starting your treatment, we will match that fee and refund the difference.

Arm Vein Size Reduction

Gentle Sclerotherapy is used to reduce the size of enlarged arm veins. It can be administered alone or in combination with the Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Programme. Every patient is given a tailor-made, patient-centred programme of sclerotherapy.

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