Vein scan offer

For a limited time The VeinCare Centre is offering ultrasound vein scans at our clinic in Yeovil for just £25. Our Vascular Technologist Wendy Parsons will perform an initial scan of your legs, identifying the nature of your condition and suggesting which treatments might be appropriate for your condition. She is not a doctor, so she cannot give medical advice, but she can tell you how severe your veins are and what treatment options might be suitable for you. If you decide to continue with a full medical consultation, this £25 fee will be refunded in full. Get in touch today to book your scan with Wendy. We regret to draw your attention to the fact that these preliminary scans with Wendy are only available at the Melbury Clinic in Holt Mill.

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The duplex ultrasound scan

This is an essential part of the consultation. Sound waves are used to build up a picture of the deep veins, the superficial veins under the skin and the varicose veins that may be present. In addition, the direction of blood flow in the veins can be detected with the ultrasound to diagnose sites and pathways of reflux. For more information, please visit the duplex ultrasound page.